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Zone Heating

Zone Heating with a wood burning stove

Zone heat can generate a glowing ambiance and a warm penetrating heat while keeping your home’s heating costs down. Installing a new zone heater is the perfect solution. Zone heaters have a broad range of styles and fuel types too. Zone heat is so efficient you settle down with your popcorn or movie night during those long cold winters without having to heat the rest of the house.

Zone Heat Is Room Specific

Zone heat is about heating the rooms in which you and your family spend the most time. Some hearth products may be able to heat an entire house, but most will heat 1-3 rooms. Ideally, you only want to heat the rooms in which you live. Why waste energy heating rooms you’re not using?

Zone Heat Saves Energy and Money

Zone heat can most benefit those with older central furnaces that may be losing heat through leaky ducting systems. Use a zone heater and turn down the thermostat on your central furnace and you’ll see immediate reductions in your fuel bills. There is certainly no point in warming bedrooms, bathrooms or utility rooms when you're not in them.

What Are The Options?

Choices include fireplaces, freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts and masonry heaters.  Within these categories fuels range from firewood, natural gas, propane, pellets, oil, coal, corn and manufactured firelogs.  As you can see, the versatility of these units makes just about any application possible. Before making any decisions, decide the areas of the house you want, the temperatures desired, available fuels, intended use patterns, and the convenience factor. Do not forget about the style, design and layout of your home when considering where you will install it.

Choices To Consider

Like any appliance, consider your own needs and preferences when shopping.  Visit a local store that carries the brand you like, ask the dealer or your friends and relatives for recommendations. Our friendly, specially trained sales staff is here to answer all your questions whether it be about design or the more technical aspects of specific manufacturers.

Applicable Hearth Products

  • EPA-certified Freestanding Stoves
  • EPA-certified Fireplace Inserts
  • Clean Burning Fireplaces
  • EPA-certified Fireplaces
  • Masonry Units
Gas (Natural or Propane)
  • Freestanding Stovess
  • Fireplace Insertss
  • High Efficiency Fireplacess
  • Freestanding Stovess
  • Fireplace Insertss
  • Freestanding Stovess
  • Fireplace Insertss
  • Freestanding Stovess
  • Freestanding Stovess
Shopping Guide

Consider the following questions to guide you in the process of choosing your unit:

  • What areas of the house are involved?
  • How many square feet are involved?
  • What type of central unit do you have?
  • What fuels are readily available in your area?
  • Do you have an existing wood burning fireplace?
  • What is the age and construction of your house?
  • What is your design style?
  • Is there available space to install a freestanding stove?