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B-Vent Fireplace Inserts

B-vent fireplace inserts use room air to aid in combustion and are an inexpensive alternative to other units. B-vent fireplace inserts utilize the buoyancy of hot gasses to expel exhaust through a dedicated pipe system. Because of their simple design, b-vent inserts are cheaper than other inserts, but are less effective heaters. When you're ready to order - or if you have any questions - give us a call at 877-669-4669.
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Napoleon 25
Sale Price: $1,899.00
SKU: GI3600-4N
Catalog # 38450
Napoleon GI3600 Gas Fireplace Insert
Sale Price: $1,755.90
SKU: GI3600-4P
Catalog # 46701
Items 1 - 2 of 2