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Create a Backyard Entertainment Zone with an Outdoor Fire Pit

By FireplacesNow 2 years ago 63 Views No comments

Make the most of gorgeous spring evenings by creating a backyard entertainment zone centered around an outdoor fire pit. Propane, natural gas, and wood-burning outdoor fire pits provide extra warmth on nights when the air is still a bit chilly, and they serve as a visual focal point for family and guests to gather around during casual get-togethers and big backyard bashes.

Your first step in creating a fire-pit entertainment zone is to decide which type you want. Wood-burning fire pits offer classic appeal and a wide range of design options to choose from, while propane and natural gas fire pits give you the modern convenience of being able to turn them on and off at will. Some gas fire pits even come with a remote control to let you adjust the heat level from afar.

Deciding where to install your fire pit is the next step. Pick a place in your yard that is free of overhanging foliage to avoid accidentally creating a fire hazard. A grassy lawn, a paved patio or a plot of sand designed to create a beachfront feel are all good options.

The final step to creating a backyard entertainment zone around an outdoor fire pit is to set up the surrounding area to accommodate guests. Make sure there is sufficient seating by adding Adirondack chairs or garden benches to the space around your fire pit. Keep chairs about 2.5 feet from the pit itself to provide sufficient warmth without creating a fire hazard. If your entertainment area is far from the house, install a stone or brick path leading out to the party space.

Make your fire pit area even more appealing with plants that complement the look of your space. A border of flowering plants can add color and visual interest to that part of your yard, especially in the spring. If you want to set off the space with a year-round border, rosemary or other shrub-like herbs offer both attractive greenery and an appealing scent. Cater to even more of the senses by hanging a delicate wind chime from a nearby tree or overhang, or install a backyard stereo system that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while you and your friends relax around the fire.