9 Perfect Fall Mantles

Today I want to showcase something that often gets overlooked around here … mantles! We get so focused on the fireplaces themselves that sometimes we don’t remember to appreciate how wonderful a mantle can make that fireplace look! So without further ado, here are 9 fall mantles that I think are just perfect:

From Turnstyle Vogue:

From Serendipity Refined:

From Sophia’s Decor:

From Dimples & Tangles:

From Megan Brooke Handmade:

From 52 Mantles:

From The Frugal Homemaker:

From Maria Elena’s Decor:

From Our Prairie Home:

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Guest Post: Wood Burning Stoves – A Cozy Welcome This Thanksgiving

Imagine: It is the last day before Thanksgiving. The house still has a huge pile of things that need to be carefully polished, scrapped and cleaned; you still need to make lists of the ingredients absolutely and positively essential for the traditional dishes, and you only have one day left. And then you think to yourself that this is best occasion to create a welcoming and sincerely homey atmosphere for all your guests and family coming over, so no effort is to be spared and everything has to be ready on
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Check Out Our Guest Post on the HomeSpirations Blog!

Pssst … Remember Simone over at HomeSpirations? The one with really fun & inspirational posts – occasionally about fireplaces? I wrote a guest blog for her & it was posted over there yesterday evening!

You should go check it out (and the rest of her blog!): http://www.simonedesignblog.com/fireplace-screen-designs-and-guest-blogger/

Oh, and you should also keep her family in your thoughts/prayers b/c she spent a bunch of time with them in the ER yesterday. No fun. So send her some good vibes and go check out my article on
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Guest Post: Choosing The Best Fireplace For Your Home

Fireplaces could make anywhere feel cozy and warm, but especially your home. There’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the fire snuggled under a blanket, but if you need a better reason than that to invest in a fireplace then they also add value to your home. Fireplaces are a great accessory and you can find one to fit with any house, no matter the style or decor. Fireplaces are great for relaxing and spending time with the family. One of the main things to think about when making this
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