7 Interior Decorating Ideas for a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves offer a reliable heat source for drafty winter homes, but they can also contribute to impactful interior design. However, some homeowners are put off by the interior design challenges that a stand-alone wood burning stove can pose. A wood burning stove will more than likely be the focal point in the room, and if not placed and decorated around appropriately, it could have a jarring effect. However, with the right placement and interior design elements, your wood burning stove can make any room more interesting and appealing:

Wood Stove

1. Upgrade to a Contemporary Look

Past models of wood burning stoves can look bulky and old-fashioned. Consider updating your existing wood burning stove to a more contemporary model. You’ll find that wood burning stoves are now made with sleeker lines and modern touches, giving them a less obtrusive and more attractive presence in the room.

2. Placement

While you might be limited as to where you can put your stove due to a pre-existing chimney, the placement of other objects and design elements around the room can help enhance the look. Surrounding your stove on either side with bold elements such as an oversized couch or long drapes can result in a more integrated look.

3. Color Considerations

Repeat the color of your wood burning stove throughout your home furnishings to draw the eye around the room. If your stove is a dark tone, choose dark wood furniture, dark metal coffee tables and dark candle holders. Intersperse contrast throughout with a light paint color and light upholstery. A light or silver-colored wood burning stove against light-colored walls can give a chic, understated look.

4. Tile and Brick Accents

Installing heat-resistant tileĀ on the wall just behind your stove and around its base can enhance your decor and add either modern or traditional style depending upon the tile selection. Consider building a low brick platform or add a brick wall for a rustic look.

5. A Fireplace Surround

A fireplace surround can create architectural interest and a stately, formal look in your living room or dining room.

6. The Right Accents

Install shelving near your wood burning stove where you can store wood, fireplace accessories and other detail pieces to perfectly enhance your wood burning stove.

7. Classic Country Theme

If a contemporary look for your stove just isn’t for you, go with a classic, vintage country theme. A wood floor, subdued blue or green wall paint, gingham prints, wildflowers and antique-inspired decor will complete the look.

With the right wood burning stove choice, placement, accents and interior design elements, your wood burning stove will make any room in your home more engaging and appealing.

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