Advantages of Direct Vent Fireplaces

If you like the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, but feel your current space won’t support one, a direct vent model could be the answer. Direct vent fireplaces are pre-fabricated metal devices that look much like masonry fireplaces. They do not require a traditional chimney, they can be vented horizontally or vertically through a vent pipe instead.

Traditional fireplaces lose a great deal of energy because air can escape through the firebox or flue. They are also prone to back-drafting if there is another source such as an exhaust fan that is also pulling air out of a room. A direct vent fireplace eliminates these concerns because of the manner in which it is vented. As a result, one of these fireplaces will keep your home warmer than a traditional fireplace, while also having a lower risk of fire associated with doing so.

Many people feel they cannot enjoy a fireplace because they do not have space for one. That’s not always the case with a direct vent fireplace, because they can be placed virtually anywhere. It’s also possible to place furniture closer to the sides of a direct vent fireplace than a traditional masonry fireplace. This type of fireplace can also be inserted into a wall in order to save even more space.

There are a number of trim options available for direct vent fireplaces. As a result, you can design one that resembles a traditional marble or brick fireplace or go for something a little more contemporary. You can even design the front to resemble a bay window for a look that’s truly one of a kind.

Direct vent fireplaces are fueled by natural or propane gas. They can be switched on and off with controls that are installed inside the fireplace itself, on a wall switch, or a remote control. You can also elect to put your fireplace on a timer if you would like to burn it only during certain times of the day.

Here at, we have several different models of direct vent fireplaces for you to choose from. Contact us to find out more about them, and begin enjoying the benefits of your new fireplace right away.

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