BBQ Ready Backyard Design from Start to Finish

Create a cozy, inviting space for entertaining right in your backyard with an outdoor barbecue, fire pit, or custom outdoor kitchen. Your budget doesn’t have to be hefty nor do you need a lot of space to treat yourself to an entertainment-ready backyard designed to fuel great times and lasting memories. Here are a some important considerations when planning your backyard design:


Outdoor Fire Pits vs. Outdoor Fireplaces

 Fire pit

Do you want a basic pit for grilling, a decorative fire pit to establish ambiance, or are you looking for an advanced grilling system that you can spruce up with handy outdoor kitchen appliances like refrigerators, warming racks, burners, or a kegerator? Outdoor grills and fire pits can be as simplistic or as ornate as you want. Consider your space, and be sure not to get your heart set on a serious outdoor kitchen if your backyard is small.

Stand-alone grills and pits are the simplest choices for DIY backyard enthusiasts, but those considering an outdoor kitchen or a built-in outdoor fireplace installation might want to consider calling the pros in for design and installation assistance.


Outdoor Fireplace Placement – Location and Lighting


From the moment guests step into your backyard, you might want the spotlight to shine immediately on your outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or grilling area – and it should. Lighting is pertinent to successful grilling, so be sure to put some light on the situation. Also, make sure the grill or fireplace is placed somewhere that it won’t smog out guests in your seating areas. Certainly, you can’t fight occasional wind flare ups, but you can strategize placement to avoid most incidents.

Those utilizing the convenience of a gas implements will need to keep connections in mind, particularly if you are planning an inset outdoor fireplace that will be surrounded by natural stones, bricks, or other materials that complement your home’s exterior, but could potentially block access. Changing propane tanks and the occasional repair are inevitable, so connections should be accessible.


Designed for Style and Comfort

 Outdoor Fireplace with seating

Make your guests comfortable with adequate seating, which could be a decorative patio table or include seating built in along with an outdoor fireplace surround. While a simple stand-alone grill and patio set are an affordable and super-fast solution, custom outdoor kitchen and fireplace installations offer opportunities for more design freedom and personal touches. Did you know that outdoor fireplace hearths are easily incorporated into most designs, and are particularly appealing incorporated into wood, brick, and natural stone fireplaces? Let your creativity guide your style.


Today’s outdoor grills and fire pits can transform your backyard and your social life, so start designing your barbecue-ready backyard today.


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