Be Energy Conscious: Use Pellet Stoves

Fountains froze over, a 200-foot Ferris wheel in Atlanta shut down, and Southerners had to dig out winter coats, hats and gloves they almost never have to use.”

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With the recent flurry of extreme cold weather, heating your home in an energy-conscious manner is becoming increasingly important. According to recent studies, “pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel, residential heating appliance.”

Not only did most of the United States experience the polar plunge, most will also soon be experiencing the high heating bills. Before another polar plunge hits where you live, wouldn’t you like to save money on those heating bills?

You might need to analyze the way you heat your house and consider adding a secondary heat source. But you don’t want just any heat source. You want one that is worth your money, and saves energy.

According to, pellet stoves are in the 70% – 83% efficiency range. That means you will be losing very little of the heat – it will be heating your home. An added bonus is that pellet stoves produce very little pollution. states “pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel, residential heating appliance.”

You don’t have to cut a hole in the wall of your house to make room for a pellet stove, since they can be free standing. That also means the cost of installation is less, so you are again saving money. That also means pellet stoves are perfect for any house or apartment.

If you are worried about cleaning, don’t be! Pellet stoves are not like wood burning fireplaces. You won’t have to clean out ashes every time you want that extra heat.

So, before next winter hits, or even before next month comes, become more energy conscious and install a pellet stove.

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