Breaking From Tradition: Adding a Contemporary Fireplace to Your Decor

Today’s fireplace designs can bring a fresh, modern focal point to any room in your home. From minimalist designs to Kasota stone to a walnut mantel, a contemporary fireplace can help create a warm, inviting feel in any room. Whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, recreation area or even a designer spa bathroom, a modern fireplace can be the style focal point you’ve been searching for. Here are five of the top modern fireplace brands and designs to consider:

Madison DV Fireplace

1. The Empire Mantis Insert Power Vent Fireplace

The Mantis brand stands apart from the rest as the epitome of sleek, modern style. It also happens to be the most efficient fireplace that money can buy; the gorgeous, streamlined design of the Empire Mantis Power Vent Fireplace exceeds an AFUE of 90%.

2. The Majestic DVB Direct Vent Fireplace

With subdued modern style, warm earth tones and the perfect metal accents, any of the four DVB Direct Vent fireplace sizes can provide an extremely reliable heat source while adding style and flair to any room of your home.

3. Monessen Belmont Fireplaces

The Monessen Belmont Clean Face Fireplace offers striking contemporary style in three different sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for any room in your home.

4. Vantage Hearth Designs

Vantage Hearth Luminary Linear Fireplaces exude unique, modern, cutting-edge style. Crystal-clear glass beads add gorgeous sparkling effects to the dazzling look of the fireplace flames as well as the fireplace burner.

5. Empire Madison Premium Living Flame

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into a full-on contemporary style fireplace look for your home, the Premium Living Flame line can help ease you into the transition. This fireplace also functions as a heater that can provide warmth to your home during a power outage. It has an 83% Steady State efficiency rating while offering a hybrid of old world sensibility along with contemporary lines.

If you favor new fireplace designs over traditional models, a contemporary fireplace can be the perfect piece for your home’s decor. Any one of these five modern fireplace brands could be the design focal point that makes your home the talk of your neighborhood.

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