Bring the Outdoors in with Natural Spring Decorations

When spring brings those first few sunny days, we start to dream about spending more time outdoors. Whether it’s tending to the garden, taking the kids to the park, or enjoying other outdoor activities, that promise of warm weather makes us want to go outside and play. It might still be too early to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest, but bringing a little of the outdoors inside for spring decorating is an enjoyable compromise.

Egg Garland

Why should winter holidays have all the fun? Every season is an opportunity to decorate the fireplace and hearth. Be certain you’re following safety rules when planning your décor.

  • Don’t place flammable materials on the hearth
  • Never block the glass doors of a gas fireplace or the safety screen
  • Keep fireplace utensils within reach for wood-burning units
  • Have your stove or fireplace cleaned and inspected at least once per year, more for heavy use, to prevent chimney fires and malfunctions


Spring Garland Ideas

Mantels are made to decorate. Protect them by using removable adhesive-backed hooks or mounting tape instead of nails and screws to hang a spring garland.

Blown Egg Garland – Poke a small hole in the top and bottom of a whole egg and blow the contents into a bowl. This technique takes practice, but after one or two successes you’ll find your best method. Save the raw egg to make omelets. Wash the empty shells and dye them with color tabs. String the eggs onto decorative wire purchased at the craft store and hang your new garland on the mantel. For a sophisticated look, dye all the eggs one color. If you have children helping with the project, let them draw designs on the dyed eggs with markers.

New Sprout Garland – For this fresh-cut garland, use tree trimmings with new green leaves or budding flowers, a ¼-inch wooden dowel, and garden twine. The dowel will serve as a “backbone” to the twigs. Wrap the twigs onto the dowel with the twine. Start at one end of the dowel, wrap, and add more twigs as needed. Continue wrapping and adding twigs until you’ve reached the other end of the dowel. Let twig ends stick out unevenly on both ends of the dowel for a natural look. Place the garland on top of the mantel – no hooks needed!

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