How to Maintain Your Fireplace to Ensure Safety and Efficiency

Fireplace Screen

Fireplaces add style, sophistication, and warmth to a home all while adding to its overall value. However, they do require maintenance in order to perform their job safely and efficiently. Read below for more information regarding fireplace maintenance:

Top causes of fireplace mishaps:

  • Leaving combustible materials too close to the fireplace, leading to a fire.
  • Sparks flying out of the fireplace and into a room setting fire to furniture or other room furnishings.
  • Chimney fires due to residue build up.

How to prevent the above scenarios from occurring:

Keep combustibles away from the fireplace:
Always keep your furniture and other similar items well away from your fireplace. Although it is sometimes
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How to Decorate and Add Style to Your Fireplace


The style and sophistication a fireplace adds to a home is significant. However, the attractiveness of a fireplace often has more to do with its accouterments than the actual fireplace itself. While rock, stone, or wood fireplaces with ornate mantles are impressive, accessorizing an already attractive fireplace can make it breathtaking. Read below for some tips to make your fireplace even more attractive:

Utilize it for seasonal decor:
Having a mantle offers you the perfect location for a holiday or
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Check Out Our Guest Post on the HomeSpirations Blog!

Pssst … Remember Simone over at HomeSpirations? The one with really fun & inspirational posts – occasionally about fireplaces? I wrote a guest blog for her & it was posted over there yesterday evening!

You should go check it out (and the rest of her blog!):

Oh, and you should also keep her family in your thoughts/prayers b/c she spent a bunch of time with them in the ER yesterday. No fun. So send her some good vibes and go check out my article on
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My $82 Fireplace Makeover | From The Lettered Cottage

Okay, this post by the folks over at The Lettered Cottage isn’t exactly brand new. In fact, it’s actually a few years old. BUT … it’s awesome & I just saw it for the first time today. I thought you all would want to see how you can completely and totally change the way your fireplace looks. And uh … Kevin & Layla did it for $82. So let’s be real about how we can all afford that.

So here is a “before” picture from their blog. Layla is measuring the hearth on their wow-that’s-a-really-ugly-before fireplace.
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How To Drastically Change The Look Of Your Fireplace In Seconds

There are only so many fireplaces out there in the world. Some of the most fantastic fireplaces you’ve seen might actually be the same as the worst offenders. How you decorate & design around your fireplace is just as important as the actual fireplace itself. Choosing brick or stone … or painting either of those … can make a dramatic difference in your room. Today, I wanted to show you a magnetic fireplace screen with doors that drastically changes the look of a fireplace – in
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