PINspiration on a Monday

Have you guys seen these around Pinterest? I’ve seen them a few times and always think they look pretty neat. Usually I don’t click on them because I assume I can’t afford them. (Honesty is the best policy, folks.) But! Today I saw them on Pinterest again … but this time the term DIY caught my eye. Could it be that somebody figured out how to make them at home? Turns out yes, Bold Beautiful Brainy (b3hd) made them herself now that they are no longer in production from Restoration Hardware! Also, it
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9 Perfect Fall Mantles

Today I want to showcase something that often gets overlooked around here … mantles! We get so focused on the fireplaces themselves that sometimes we don’t remember to appreciate how wonderful a mantle can make that fireplace look! So without further ado, here are 9 fall mantles that I think are just perfect:

From Turnstyle Vogue:

From Serendipity Refined:

From Sophia’s Decor:

From Dimples & Tangles:

From Megan Brooke Handmade:

From 52 Mantles:

From The Frugal Homemaker:

From Maria Elena’s Decor:

From Our Prairie Home:

Don’t forget … if you hover over a picture you love, you can pin it directly to
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7 Environmentally-Friendly, Anywhere Fireplaces

Bio-Ethanol fuels, and other “green” fuels, have become increasingly popular lately. It seems silly to say that being environmentally friendly is a trend, but it is! And it’s a trend I love. Now we can have fabulously decorated houses … without worrying about what effect we might be having on the environment. To that end, I would like to show you seven gorgeous bio-ethanol/green-fueled fireplaces. They are from our newest Pinterest board: Green-Bio Ethanol.

We’ve added a fun new feature to our blog that you’ll love playing with: simply
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Our Five Most Popular Pins … Ever!

Our Most Popular Pin
People just love this pin of a spa-style bathtub right next to a cozy, beautifully tiled fireplace! The colors are gorgeous and I think people love it so much because they immediately imagine themselves relaxing there!

Another Bathroom Fireplace
Our second most popular pin is this great (huge!) bathroom. As if that wonderful stone fireplace weren’t enough, they’ve also got a stand-alone tub & a giant shower! Plus
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Our Newest Pinterest Boards: August 6 – August 10

So we might have a small really big Pinterest addiction around here. Please try not to judge us. This week, Bonnie created 16 (yeah … that happened) new boards for you guys! And they’re all full of wonderful pictures & ideas. When she makes a board, she goes all out. So here they are, with examples from & links to each. Enjoy!

We really just can’t get enough of things to eat & drink around here (our favorite people are the ones who bring us food!), so we have created the board Food and Drinks on Fire. There are some really amazing pictures in there, but the current personal favorite
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