The Romance of a Fire: Wood Burning Fireplaces

romantic wood burning fireplace


The romance of the fire.

Warm memories are stirred 

by the smell of the fireplace

coming alive

with wood burning.

I find myself sitting by the fire

and gazing at the flames

of dreams come true

and yet to be. (Linda L Johnson)

The romance of a fire – after reading Linda’s poem, can’t you see yourself and others enjoying watching a fire start as a small flame, then become a warm fire? Can’t you just smell the smell of oak or cedar wood? Can’t you just feel
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Your Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace Insert: Responsible Wood Burning

Wood Burning Stove

Many people fantasize about romantic nights in front of a warm, cozy fire. The added benefit of significant home energy savings makes wood burning hearth products — such as stoves and fireplace inserts — practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. An increasing number of homeowners are turning toward heating their homes with firewood. Firewood’s relatively low cost, abundance, and renewability make it a safe and reliable biomass fuel. ¬†A few basic considerations help promote responsible wood
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