Decorating the Fireplace for the Holidays

During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is typically the most elaborately decorated item in your home. But guests don’t cozy up next to the Christmas tree for an intimate chat or stand near the tree with their arms outstretched to feel its satisfying warmth. That’s why the holidays are the perfect time for decorating the fireplace and letting it be the true star of any room.

Safety First

It goes without saying that you should never place flammable decorative items on or near the fireplace, but safety extends beyond what you place near the fire: how you display something matters too. Filling a beautiful mantel with nail holes to hang a string of garland with definitely put you on the naughty list. Decorating the fireplace isn’t worth the risk of permanent damage. With a little imagination and a quick trip through the hardware store you’ll find several less scarring methods for securely displaying decorations.

  • Removable plastic hooks
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro (it’s available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths)
  • Craft glue dots
  • Photo mounting squares
  • Outdoor wreath holders or stocking holders
  • Alligator or paper clips

Some adhesives are heat sensitive, so read labels carefully to check which products are practical for use around the fireplace. Wash away any adhesive residue with water and a mild soap, such as dish soap.

Find Your Style

Decorating the fireplace doesn’t need to be a costly adventure that requires you to make room for yet another box of decorations in the garage. Look around your home for items that are reflective such as silver candlesticks, mirrors, or metallic accessories. Fill the mantle with a collection of shiny objects and nestle in a few ornaments or bows here and there and you’ve got an instant holiday tableau.

To achieve a more stylized look, take a design cue from the room’s existing décor. Choose a color scheme that complements your everyday design and make it holiday chic with a color-coordinated collection of picture frames to display holiday cards on the mantel.

To extend the life of your mantel décor, use a more neutral winter theme instead of a specifically Christmas design. That way you can leave the decorations up all winter long.

Decorating the fireplace gives your holiday home a special touch. As long as you choose non-flammable decorative items and hang them with care, you really can’t go wrong.

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