DIY Fireplace Makeover on a Budget | From In My Own Style

I’ve been looking for an inspiring fireplace post for a while now. It turns out they’re hard to come by! Maybe it’s because they’re not in season right now in the US? Whatever the reason, my hopes have been answered by Diane over at in my own style!

She posted about a DIY fireplace makeover … the very thing I was thinking I would never really get the chance to blog about. I love DIY projects, but I don’t have a fireplace at home. (I do have a very nice heated blanket!) She tackled a pretty awesome project: transforming her brick fireplace into a faux stone fireplace! It looks amazing when she’s done with it … I honestly did a double-take looking at the “after” pics. She used a product called AirStone & the results are astounding.

Yeah … that’s not real stone. I know. I KNOW. I know it looks like it. It’s not. You can read all about it over on her blog right here. (And you should because … wow!)

Have you ever tackled a DIY fireplace project before?
How did it turn out?
Tell us in the comments!

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