Electric Fireplaces: Stylish and Efficient

Recently, we heard a story of a lady who, because of a job change, had to move to a smaller house in a different city. She said her other house had a gas fireplace, and with the cold winds blowing, she had been missing the warmth and look of that gas fireplace. Since her new home did not have gas lines and she couldn’t have a propane tank in her neighborhood, she couldn’t have a gas fireplace.

She had been shopping around for electric fireplaces in stores, but in this smaller house, she just didn’t have room for a large fireplace. But she missed curling up on the couch and being able to watch television and the fire at the same time.

Then she saw these electric fireplaces at fireplacesnow.com that also serve as a television console. There is one that is black that has an electric fireplace in the middle, shelves on either side, and the television fits on top.

Or, there is the smaller black electric fireplace that combines the modern look of black with the classic look of wood. It includes a little more storage for the DVD player too.

She could have another source of heat for her house when the cold winds blow, while knowing she is using efficient energy that does not harm the environment. She can also have the stylish look of a fireplace in her smaller house without giving up anything else.

As she talked with us about her choice of fireplace, it was obvious she was excited for it to arrive and to show it off to friends. We are glad we could help and make her smaller home a little more cozy for the winter months.

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