Energy Efficient Fireplaces: Charm and Responsibility

Fireplaces exude a timeless charm, seeming to naturally build an atmosphere of relaxation and community as well as drawing people into a common area in the home. However, these qualities may come into conflict with the current movement to use energy resources wisely.

The good news is that energy efficient fireplaces are a great way to get the comfort of a fireplace while also using energy in a responsible way. Sit down and do some research, thinking about what features are the most important to you. Do you want a gas fireplace? A wood burning one? Look at your options and list what your non-negotiable factors are.

Newer fireplaces (typically from after 1990) have been designed with more criteria of energy efficiency in mind. Choosing to install one of these fireplaces will allow you to save money in the long run as you employ a more efficient system. The Environmental Protection Agency offers some information that can assist you as you think about what sort of system will best meet your needs.

Beyond the fireplace that you install, there are a variety of practices that will allow you to use energy more efficiently as you enjoy your fireplace. First of all, what sort of wood are you burning? Hard woods burn longer than soft woods, giving more energy for the same amount of wood. Also, dry wood is more efficient than wet, so make sure that your wood is stored in a way that it will stay dry between delivery and use. Making sure that the damper is closed when your fireplace is not in use will ensure that heat doesn’t leave your house.

There is no need to sacrifice the joys of having a fireplace out of energy concerns, but it is wise to give due consideration to what sort of system you will install, along with how you will use it.

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