Fireplace Inserts Explained

Did you hear that? It was the whooshing sound of all the warm air in your home escaping up the chimney of that outdated, inefficient fireplace. If you feel like you’re burning dollar bills instead of logs, it might be time to consider a new gas insert. Imagine: no more gaping into the sooty maw of that old, energy-wasting fireplace. With a gas insert, your home will be warm and stylish and, in some cases, your heating bill can decrease significantly.

Fireplace Insert

What is an Insert?

A fireplace insert is a cast-iron or steel box that slides into an existing masonry fireplace opening. An insulated glass panel in the front keeps the unit safe. Some inserts are designed to mount flush with the wall to provide a sleek, modern appeal while others look almost identical to a traditional wood-burning stove—hearth and all. Whether you choose a wood, pellet, or gas-burning style, an insert makes it easy to convert a wasteful fireplace into an energy efficient heating system.

Types of Gas Inserts

When discussing gas inserts, the terms “B-Vent,” “Direct Vent,” and “Vent-Free” are typically referenced. Each type has its advantages; your budget, space, and venting are important factors when deciding which type of gas insert will work best for your situation.

  • B-Vent inserts are the least expensive option, but they also produce the least amount of heat. They’re ideal for small spaces and providing atmosphere in an intimate setting. A B-Vent unit requires a dedicated venting system to expel exhaust.
  • Direct Vent gas inserts are the most popular choice thanks to their good looks, moderate price, and energy efficiency. Choose a Direct-Vent unit when you want serious heat output without sacrificing style or budget.
  • Vent-Free inserts are the most superior gas insert units available. They are self-contained and don’t lose any heat up the chimney, because there is no chimney—no vents! A little more money spent in the initial investment of a Vent-Free insert results in more long-term energy efficiency.

Whichever style is right for you, a new gas insert will help your home look better and maintain a more consistent temperature. A gas insert may even make your home sound better—no more whooshing noises reminding you of the money you’re wasting.

Ready to install a fireplace insert into your old fireplace?

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