Gas Burning Fireplace Safety Tips

A gas burning fireplace offers several advantages over its wood burning counterpart, but there are some safety considerations specific to gas burning models that you should be aware of. Gas burning fireplace safety tips are something you should keep in mind, both for the safety of your property and your family.

5 Safety Tips For Gas Burning Fireplaces

Hire A Professional

If you decide to convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas burning fireplace, make sure you hire a professional to do the work. Installing gas lines safely requires training and certification, and is not something that a do-it-yourself renovator should attempt.

Clean Your Chimney

Having a chimney cleaning service visit your house is a good idea before you fire up your gas burning unit. If you had a wood burning fireplace before, there is a good chance that creosote has built up in the chimney – a byproduct of wood burning that can ignite. Once you begin using your gas burning model, your buildup should be considerably less.

Install An Oxygen Depletion Sensor

This sensor will shut off your gas if it senses dangerous conditions in your fireplace. These conditions include a buildup of excessive carbon monoxide or if the fireplace becomes too cold.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A key gas burning fireplace safety tip is installing carbon monoxide detectors on every floor in your house. Gas appliances can cause a buildup of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can lead to poisoning and death. Having these detectors is a good idea if you have any type of gas appliance. If you have not already installed them, definitely do so if you have a gas burning fireplace.

Get Yearly Maintenance

Having a professional out each year will keep your gas fireplace running as it should, and will improve the performance of your unit. A professional can adjust the look of your “embers,” clean important components like the fan, vents, and glass, and make certain the unit is functioning as it should. He or she can also warn you of any potential issues as your unit ages.

Safety First

Gas fireplaces have a long history of safe use, and are preferred by many homeowners for their ease of use and reliable performance. Just keep in mind that, as a gas burning appliance, safety should always be a priority. Observe these five tips for safe, continuous enjoyment of your gas burning fireplace.

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