Get the Most from Your Fireplace in Warm Weather

It’s time to pack away your snow shovel, your ski pants and your tire chains, but the end of winter doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying your gas fireplace. The charm and ambiance a fireplace provides never goes out of season, but your fireplace is more than just a pretty face. By using a gas stove or fireplace for zone heating you can save money and get the most from your fireplace in warm weather.

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The Ambiance Factor

Though it might not be as busy as the winter holiday season, spring brings Easter and Passover dinners with the family, bridal showers, graduations and Mother’s Day celebrations. Even a gentle glow in the fireplace will help set a festive mood for all the special occasions you host during this time of year.

The Warm Zone

Doesn’t it seem like a waste to turn on the heating system throughout your whole house just to heat one or two rooms on a chilly spring morning or cool summer evening? It is. In fact, reports that homeowners can save up to 100 dollars a month by utilizing their gas fireplace or vent-free gas stove to heat only the room where the family gathers instead of turning up the central heating system.  Zone heating focuses on providing quick, efficient heat in a smaller area only when that space is being occupied. Gas fixtures deliver warmth quickly without wasting energy.

Installing a gas insert in a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen seems like a splurge, but when you consider the convenience of heating only those rooms as needed, without turning up the home’s main thermostat, the idea becomes much more practical.

Don’t forget about your fireplace this spring. Whether you use it to set a mood or to warm a chilly room, your gas appliance still has plenty to offer as winter becomes nothing but a bad memory.

Looking for the perfect fireplace to make zone heating your home a reality this spring? Head on over to Don’t forget that you can call us 24/7 at 877-669-4669.

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