Getting your Home and Fireplace Ready for Spring

As the world renews itself in spring, homeowners look to brighten up around the house – this includes giving the fireplace a little attention. Whether you are looking to get things shipshape or just want to make your home more efficient before the temperatures rise, consider some tips that will get you there.

Start at the Beginning

Spring is a great time to focus on curb appeal. Take a step back from your front door and give the house a look. What needs sprucing up? You would be surprised how much the little things matter. Grab a paintbrush and touch up the trim, purchase new ceramic tile house numbers, and maybe add a flowerpot here and there for spring blooms. If you do nothing else, change out the welcome mat to get rid of the winter funk.

 Let the Sunshine In

If you don’t do windows, find someone who does. The cold weather covers your windows will all kinds of grime. Cleaning the glass will allow more natural light into your home giving every room a bright, new feel. While you have the glass cleaner out, don’t forget to work on the fireplace doors; they have been gathering soot all winter.

Switch to Spring-Centric Decor

Change out the pillows, bed linens, tablecloths, and curtains to something that brings spring inside your home. Floral prints and pastel colors will make every room seem cleaner and brighter – even if you do nothing else. Don’t neglect the fridge while you are at it! Put up some inspirational magnets, pretty postcards, and spring-style photographs to set the mood in the kitchen, too.

Save Money on Fireplace Maintenance

As winter nears, many homeowners rush to get their chimneys cleaned and repaired. You can save money by getting the maintenance done in the spring when the service companies are less busy. Many businesses offer discounts during this season to increase spring sales. You can also vacuum the pit of wood-burning units to get rid of the soot. Make sure to shut the flue before you turn on your air conditioner, too.

Get AC Ready

Spring is a good time to clean the AC vents and change the filters on your unit. Call the HVAC service technician to tune-up the air conditioner, but you can clean the vents yourself. Use a screwdriver to remove the vent covers and vacuum the inside lip to reduce allergens. Dust or wash the cover and then reinstall.

Spring cleaning is more than just a buzz phrase. As winter comes to a close, take time to get your home and fireplace ready for  milder weather.

Image Credit: Sarah Scoop

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