Guest Post: Keeping a Warm House to Come Home To

The British weather is famous for its cold winters and miserable grey skies although Britain is not the only nation to suffer from poor weather at times. Some nations can get just as cold or even considerably colder and as a result mankind has found a number of ways to combat the cold so we don’t suffer too much. Because different cultures developed their own ways of living life and battling against the elements, so they also developed their own ways of keeping warm. As technology has advanced we have also found more effective ways of keeping warm regardless of how utterly miserable the weather may be outside.

A Roaring Fireplace

Fire is hot, to state the obvious, so what better way to heat a home than with a fire? Many homes still have fireplaces in which wood or coal can be burned to keep the room warm and modern fires tend to use gas as a fuel instead of traditional fuel sources. Burning coal and wood has become less popular in modern days as they are thought to be polluting and not cost effective but for some people, the beauty of a natural fire simply cannot be replaced. Despite the modern alternatives available to us many people still choose to have natural fires to heat their home, often because they make a beautiful feature.

Toasty Feet

While some cultures preferred to keep warm with a fire lit somewhere in the room, others chose to heat their homes from beneath instead. Ancient heating systems going back thousands of years have been discovered that heated the home from below and some people still choose to heat their homes from beneath the floorboards. Because of this, in some households you may find yourself sleeping on a hard floor as those living inside choose to get closer to the warmth below during the cold winter nights.

Central Heating

With a system of pipes carrying hot water to radiators around the home a single heater can help keep the whole home warm. The radiators ‘radiate’ the heat from the hot water inside helping to warm up the room in no time at all. Because only one heater is needed to keep the home warm it is a very cost effective way of heating the home and also more effective. If you are feeling the cold too much during the winter having central heating installed could be just what you need.


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