Guest Post: There Is Fire In The Heart

Fireplaces, whether they are produced out of stone, brick, or iron, can bring a pleasant, snug, and intimate mood to a place, wherever they are placed in the house. More often than not, they are built in the living room – thus creating the heart of the home.
Many people know that there’s nothing better than relaxing and cuddling up in front of a warm fireplace on a cold winter’s night. As the nights are becoming viciously colder and increasingly darker as we delve deeper into the winter season, home comforts become a necessity rather than a luxury.

For example, just imagine a grand fireplace – the centerpiece of the living room. Imagine it decorated with scented candles and colorful stockings ready for Christmas Day. Imagine the soft light from the fire flickering whilst you’re watching television, wrapped up tight in a fleecy blanket – the fire gently warming the gentle atmosphere. Now imagine the scene without the fire. The cozy, tranquil, inviting picture now becomes a cold, uncomfortable, dark depiction. Where are you going to place your candles and hang your stockings? The feeling of love and peace this fire once brought has vanished, along with the homely touch of warmth. No emotion is left in this image and the excitement has died with it. The picture just doesn’t look right without the fire.

For centuries, fires have brought people and communities together in a truly special way. Fires have been the heart and soul of many religious and non-religious gatherings, creating energy and excitement. As well as bringing a sense of security, people see fires as a beacon of light and warmth. In the olden days, as fire was the only source of heat, it was an essential part of everyday life. The fires were used to cook, prevent predators and insects, and to offer some safety to vulnerable groups. As well as being used for practical reasons, they were also used for entertainment. Toasting marshmallows and dancing around it, camp fires were often seen as a venue for conversation and banter. Unfortunately nowadays, this isn’t the case. Fires are generally used as a decoration in homes – not a vital part of family life. However, it is fair to say that wherever the fire is placed, it is definitely the core soul of the entire house. So inviting and snug, everybody should really have a fireplace in their households.


This blog was written by Keith Jackson, on behalf of Thornhill Galleries UK.


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