How to Choose the Right Vent Free Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

Fireplaces and hearths have been centerpieces of the family home since the beginning of time. With the ability to warm the body as well as the spirit, a fire is understandably a desirable addition to any residence.

If you own or are considering purchasing a vent free fireplace, you will have the opportunity to customize it with vent free gas logs. Choosing the logs that are best for your home depends on a few deciding factors.

The first step is determining what size vent free log assembly will fit your current gas fireplace set up. Start by measuring the inside diameter of your fireplace. Make sure to leave space for the height and also leave a few inches of free space on either side to ensure proper fit.

Next, make sure all of the gas hookups or other connections are in good condition. If any lines need replacement, now would be the best time to change out any components that are showing excessive wear. Clean the area well and remove any debris that has collected around your old log set up.

The style of vent free logs depends on you and your family’s personal taste. There are a variety of vent free log styles on the market, from traditional to more “high tech” designs.

Whatever you choose, vent free gas logs offer the most energy efficiency with the least amount of hassle. In addition, vent free gas logs produce minimum carbon monoxide, making your gas fireplace a safe and reliable source of supplemental heat for your home.

At Fireplaces Now, we offer a variety of vent free gas logs to complement any fireplace. Your choice is only limited by your imagination. We strive to provide you and your family with the most beautiful arrangements at the best prices. Please contact us for more information about our current and upcoming products.

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