How To Clean A Brick Fireplace

A glowing fireplace brings a cozy atmosphere to any room, but when that fireplace is covered in soot & smoke stains it throws the ambiance off! Make sure you keep your brick fireplace clean and beautiful by following the tips below:

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 …
It’s best to test a small area of your fireplace first to ensure you will get the desired results. The stronger the cleaner, the more likely it is to discolor your brick (which is probably what you were trying to correct in the first place). Always use the least-aggressive method that still gets the job done. If it works in a small test area, it will work for the rest of your fireplace brick, too!


All you’ll need for this is some dish soap, some table salt, a little water, and a stiff-bristled brush. (And a cloth you don’t mind getting soap, salt, and water on!)
1. Mix equal parts dish soap & salt together.
2. Add in enough water to make the mixture more of a cream than a paste.
3. Rub the mixture into your brickwork with a cloth, then let it sit for at least ten minutes.
4. Scrub the mixture off with a stiff-bristled brush (a brass brush works well).
5. Rinse with warm water and you’re done! You can once again enjoy the ambiance your fireplace brings to your room!
Note: Instead of salt, try using baking soda! You’ll get similar results.

Oven Cleaner
Using oven cleaner on a fireplace seemed so counter-intuitive to me. I guess I just don’t think of fireplaces and ovens as close cousins. I have no idea how somebody figured out that this works, but using something that is designed to get rid of baked on crap in your oven works ingeniously for getting rid of baked on crap on your fireplace. (Duh, right?)
1. Grab a bottle of your favorite oven cleaner.
2. Follow the directions, but skip the part about your oven. Head to your fireplace & use it there instead!
3. Stare in wonder & amazement at the genius of the person who figured this out.
4. Wonder “How long ’til they start marketing this as oven & fireplacecleaner?” 

These are the most tried-and-true methods. There are other stronger methods out there (mostly involving acid), but I think if you can’t take care of the issue with the solutions above it’s probably better to call a professional. (And let them mess with acid!)

Have you found other solutions for cleaning a brick fireplace?
Does one of the solutions above work wonders for you?
Tell us about it in the comments!
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