How to Decorate and Add Style to Your Fireplace

The style and sophistication a fireplace adds to a home is significant. However, the attractiveness of a fireplace often has more to do with its accouterments than the actual fireplace itself. While rock, stone, or wood fireplaces with ornate mantles are impressive, accessorizing an already attractive fireplace can make it breathtaking. Read below for some tips to make your fireplace even more attractive:

Utilize it for seasonal decor:
Having a mantle offers you the perfect location for a holiday or seasonal display. During the fall season, this could include small pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, or small leaves while winter decor could feature a Christmas wreath, lights, candles, a nativity scene, or other items that represent Christmas or the winter season. Of course, hanging stockings from the mantle is a classic look. However, a modern winter theme could include glass ornaments in a clear container or sticks, which are covered in paint and glitter to mimic the look of ice-covered tree limbs, arranged in a modern vase.

Implement it for year round decor:
As mentioned above, mantles are perfect for holiday or seasonal displays. However, mantles also make the perfect location in which to display photos or other beloved and attractive items, which demand attention. A large family photo on canvas – or ornately-framed – makes a great impact in a living area. Of course, candles and mirrors also create a nice look that goes with a variety of styles.

Add accessories:
Another way to dress up your fireplace is by adding attractive accessories such as fireplace tools or a fireplace screen. Fireplace screens come in a variety of materials and range from basic to ornate. Iron screens with scenes made into them are simply beautiful in front of a burning fire. However, even when there is no fire burning, a fireplace screen will add to the attractiveness of a fireplace. An aesthetically pleasing set of fireplace tools or a wood holder will also add class to your fireplace. In addition to their beauty, these items also serve a practical purpose, making them worth the investment.

The three aspects listed above outline ways to make your fireplace even more attractive. If you have a fireplace with a mantle, you have an area perfectly suited for decorating in a variety of ways. Let the ideas above inspire you to create your own fireplace masterpiece.

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