How To Drastically Change The Look Of Your Fireplace In Seconds

There are only so many fireplaces out there in the world. Some of the most fantastic fireplaces you’ve seen might actually be the same as the worst offenders. How you decorate & design around your fireplace is just as important as the actual fireplace itself. Choosing brick or stone … or painting either of those … can make a dramatic difference in your room. Today, I wanted to show you a magnetic fireplace screen with doors that drastically changes the look of a fireplace – in seconds!

Fireplace Without Magnetic Screen (Before)

The photo above is what the fireplace looks like without any kind of screen on it. It’s a pretty fireplace by itself (and of course, if it didn’t usually have the magnetic screen on it, the electronics peeking out at the bottom would be covered). It gives off a great amount of heat & if you put a little time & effort into finishing off the edges where it has been installed in the wall, you’d have a pretty nice fireplace.

Fireplace Screen (With Magnets Marked)

But why have a “pretty nice” fireplace when you can have one, in seconds, that makes people say “Oh wow!” when they walk in your room?! Above is the fireplace & the magnetic screen. I marked the magnets for you so you could pick them out easily. Just three (strong!) magnets. It’s SO easy to install, but it stays in place once it’s up; it won’t go anywhere unless you want it to.

Fireplace With Magnetic Screen (After)

As you can see, the screen makes a big difference! This screen comes in a variety of colors & designs so it will perfectly match any room in your home. It’s nice not to have to worry about the hassle of installing something similar!

Color choices

More design choices

Some design choices


If you are interested in these screens, you can find them at Portland Willamette’s site, here.

Have you been wanting a quick-and-easy way to makeover your fireplace?
Is this a good solution or would you choose a different way?
Tell us in the comments below!

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