How To Keep Fireplace Glass Doors Clean

If you have a fireplace with glass doors, you know how hard it is to keep them clean! Below are some tried-and-true ways to do just that. You’ll wish you’d known about these from day one!


The Wood You Burn Matters
If you’re having a hard time keeping your fireplace doors clean, it could be that the wood you’re burning isn’t dry enough. Wet, damp, or green wood creates quite a mess! Make sure you are burning hard seasoned wood & that should help prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.


NOTE: For the tricks below, make sure your doors have cooled first!

All That Ash Is More Than Just Something To Clean Up …
… It’s something to clean with! It sounds crazy, but if you’ve got some really caked on junk on your fireplace doors … just grab a damp cloth or paper towel, dip it in the fine ash, & scrub away.It’s messy but effective! Slide some newspaper under your open doors as you clean to prevent the ash from getting on your hearth. Once you’ve scrubbed the doors down, use another damp cloth or paper towel to clean up. Voila! Beautiful, clean doors just like the day you got them.

Vinegar Works Wonders
White vinegar is to glass fireplace doors as the Magic Eraser is to … well, everything that isn’t glass. For this one, just moisten a cloth with a little white vinegar & clean your doors with that cloth. If there are some stubborn spots, add a little dish soap to the white vinegar. It’s better & easier than buying an expensive cleaner! (Plus vinegar is pretty child & pet friendly – which definitely cannot be said for most store-bought cleaners.)

With Our Powers Combined
Yep, you can combine the white vinegar & fine ash tricks to make a super powerful cleaning agent. They can’t sell stuff this good! If you’ve got some hard-to-reach areas, grab an old toothbrush & scrub with that. Your doors will be so clean they’ll look like they’ve vanished! Now, sit back & enjoy your beautiful fire the way you should!

What have you tried to keep your glass doors clean? Has it worked?
Post about it in the comments!

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