How to Maintain Your Fireplace to Ensure Safety and Efficiency

Fireplaces add style, sophistication, and warmth to a home all while adding to its overall value. However, they do require maintenance in order to perform their job safely and efficiently. Read below for more information regarding fireplace maintenance:

Top causes of fireplace mishaps:

  • Leaving combustible materials too close to the fireplace, leading to a fire.
  • Sparks flying out of the fireplace and into a room setting fire to furniture or other room furnishings.
  • Chimney fires due to residue build up.

How to prevent the above scenarios from occurring:

Keep combustibles away from the fireplace:
Always keep your furniture and other similar items well away from your fireplace. Although it is sometimes tempting to place furniture near your fireplace in an effort to create a certain ambience, be sure to move any combustible items away from the fireplace when it is in use.

Sparks leaving the fireplace and entering the room:
A beautiful fireplace screen is a great way to keep your room safe from the sparks that sometimes enter a room when a fire is burning. Furthermore, an attractive fireplace screen will enhance the beauty of your room and your fireplace while keeping your rugs and furnishings safe from sparks. Fireplace screens range from simple screens that are purely functional to ornate additions to your fireplace. Fireplace screens are perfect for adding style to your fireplace even when it’s not in use.


Chimney fires:
Another common issue in regards to fireplace maintenance is cleaning the chimney. Creosote, which is the residue that results from fires, will eventually build up within a chimney and become dangerous. It becomes dangerous because the residue can catch fire – resulting in chimney damage and sometimes causing a fire within the house.

To ensure your chimney is clean and in good working order, have an annual chimney inspection and cleaning performed by a professional chimney sweep. They will be able to tell you if there are any leaks, buildups, or other issues in the chimney that could lead to problems.

Fireplaces are wonderful additions to a home. They add style, class, and even value to a home – not to mention the benefits they give in regards to ambience. However, even with all the benefits derived from fireplaces, they do pose some threats in regards to accidental fires. Thankfully, these issues are easily remedied with some simple fireplace maintenance and attention to detail in regards to furniture arrangement. Of course, it is possible to avoid the danger altogether by installing an electric fireplace.

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