If “Shivery” Returns, Energy Efficient Fireplaces Will Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

Security BISPanorama 38" Wood Burning Fireplace

Security BISPanorama 38″ Wood Burning Fireplace

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, published in August of 2013, a season of “Shivery” is returning this winter culminating in a super storm right before the NFL Superbowl in February. Whether or not you are a believer in the Farmer’s Almanac, you must consider what you are going to do if the bitterly cold winter materializes as its pages predict. With a shivery season comes power outages, food shortages and dangers of exposure, frost bite, and freezing. Are you prepared? How will you keep your family warm and safe? Without electricity, most conventional heating units will not work.


Why not return to days gone by when every home was warmed by a fireplace or wood stove? Some would say they weren’t very energy efficient and they would be right. However, we live in an age where energy efficiency is not only admirable, but necessary. Innovative companies have designed energy efficient fireplaces that are wood burning AND efficient. EPA- approved fireplaces that use outdoor air for combustion as well as for circulation are now a reality. They also circulate the indoor room air around the fire, extracting as much heat as possible. So no matter how fierce Mother Nature becomes, you can be assured that you, your loved ones, and any neighbors you want to include will remain warm and toasty inside.

The days of stinky fireplaces are gone.  FireplacesNow can help you to choose the perfect wood burning fireplace or stove that will meet all your heating needs efficiently and aesthetically. Chivalry is not dead but “shivery” can be obsolete with the right heating device. We invite you to visit our website before the winter days arrive to see all the practical and beautiful options that are available. While the shivery winter winds are blowing outside, you and yours can curl up next to each other for the sheer purpose of enjoyment instead of trying to conserve body heat.

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