Improved Efficiency with Fireplace Inserts

There are few things that compare with the comfort of sitting down next to a warm fireplace in the winter. The flickering flames and warm glow that radiates into the room fill a deep-seated need we all have for warmth and protection from the elements. Unfortunately, though, most fireplaces put more heat out into the night sky than they do into your living room. To get the most out of the fuel you are burning, you need a fireplace insert.

A Modern Solution

Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert is the modern solution to the chimney space you have in your home. While your current fireplace might have been the best option available fifty years ago, now it is sorely lacking in both heating ability and energy efficiency. The installation of a fireplace insert can change all of this though, all while keeping the look and feel you so enjoy.

According to current research, a standard fireplace sends nearly 10 percent of the warm air created by your furnace out the top of your home. It is a clear pathway to transfer heat to the cold air outside, and natural laws being what they are, the heat in your home takes this route. When you burn fuel in the fireplace for heat, the results are even worse.

A fireplace insert can change all that. Depending on the model you choose, you can burn your favorite fuel, including wood, wood pellets, and gas, and you get to reap the warming benefits of virtually all the energy you create in the process. Designed to direct all the heat created back out into your home, instead of up the chimney or into the masonry, fireplace inserts are markedly more efficient than what you have now.

Technology At Work

Fireplaces have been around in one way or another since we began living under roofs, and they have not changed much over time. Designed to be a safe place to burn fuel while drawing the smoke out of the dwelling, they get the job done when you have nothing else.

Fireplace inserts, though, are designed to work better. An installation professional will bring in your unit and verify that it is completely sealed against heat loss. Combined with a fan to push out the heat into your living area, this modern technology will heat your home far better than a standard fireplace.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits and comfort of a fireplace, but want to heat your home effectively in the process, you should consider a fireplace insert. Once you do, you will truly appreciate what modern technology can do.

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