Is a Gas Fireplace Right for You?

Deciding if a gas fireplace is right for your home is easier once you understand the benefits the product can offer. Wood, biomass, electric, and gas units all have their charm, and installing or updating a fireplace of any type can add resale value to a home. It might be helpful to clarify your own needs and expectations from a fireplace. Do you want one to enhance the atmosphere of your home or do you want a workhorse that provides reliable heat? Maybe your biggest concern is the environmental effects of a fireplace. Let’s take a look at how a gas fireplace stands up to these and other measures.

Aesthetic Qualities

Gas fireplaces offer mare variety of style and placement than any other type of fireplace. Everything from a traditional cottage-style hearth, to a dramatic peninsula fireplace, to an ultra modern wall-mounted unit filled with decorative glass is possible. The venting options and temperature control available with a gas fireplace provide the greatest variety of possibilities for placement and style. If you’re thinking of adding a new fireplace in the bedroom, den, or office, a gas-burning unit is probably your best option.

Environmental Concerns

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association a gas fireplace is a product an eco-conscious consumer can feel proud of.

  • A natural gas-burning unit is one of the cleanest fuel-burning options on the market
  • Reduce your overall energy use by zone heating frequently used rooms with an efficient gas fireplace. According to the HPBA you can reduce your fuel bill 20 to 40 percent with zone heating.
  • Look for efficiency-rated products to find which units do the best job of turning fuel into heat instead of wasting it by sending it up the chimney

Ease of Use

There’s no denying that when it comes to ease of use, nothing beats an electric fireplace; just position it near an outlet, plug it in and you’re done. But as charming as they are, electric fireplaces aren’t typically chosen as an efficient, everyday heating option. For heat and convenience, a gas fireplace rates high. No wood chopping, no pellets to buy, and no ashes to clean up – simply turn your fireplace off an on by flipping a switch. And if you don’t want to get up, use a remote control to do the job. Gas units are low maintenance and safe to use. With vent-free options, you can easily install a fireplace almost anywhere – even right next to the tub!

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