Make Heating Your Home More Energy Efficient with Fireplace Inserts

The National Association of Home Builders recently conducted a survey which revealed that a fireplace is one of the top three features new home buyers desire. It’s not hard to see why; fireplaces are attractive additions to any home. Fireplaces not only provide warmth through the winter months, but also provide an irreplaceable aesthetic feel to a home.

The downside to owning a traditional fireplace is its inefficiency. Chimneys present a major problem in maintenance and energy loss. Each year, the chimney must be cleaned to ensure noxious gasses do not enter your home; in addition, the chimney is a major air gap which sends approximately 8% of your heat energy out the window. Before you decide to brick up ‘ol smokey, consider¬†fireplace inserts.

Fireplace inserts can turn your fireplace into the highly-efficient, heat- energy-producing beauty you always dreamed of. When installed properly, your fireplace insert will make your fireplace draft-free. The outer shell will keep the heat in your home and out of the masonry. Purchasing a fireplace insert is a prudent investment; the costs involved with purchasing and installing your fireplace insert will save you in the long run. Over time, the unit will pay for itself in energy savings. Your home heating bills will be reduced significantly as each room will be at its most efficient balance point.

So before throwing in the towel on your beloved fireplace, contact the experts at Fireplaces Now. Our trained professionals can help you choose the fireplace insert that will be best for your home. We also offer vent free fireplace models, wood burning stoves, pellet stoves, and much more.

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