Modern Fireplace Designs for 2014

The fireplace is an area of the home that brings family and friends together while providing warmth and the ideal backdrop to treasure great memories. However, putting the right fireplace design together is essential, so that we can maximize the space of the room.

Fireplace Design 2014

Redecorating fireplaces is an easy way to give them a fresh facelift while at the same time providing an additional decorative touch. There are many accents we can start with, like family photos, favorite books, and well-loved pieces of art. All of these accents help lend our own personality and style to the fireplace area. We can also consider adding precious items such as family heirlooms – which can be neatly displayed in glass cases or above the hearth to add to the decorating scheme. We can also consider fireplace glass doors which add an elegant and classic touch to the room.

No matter which style we choose for the fireplace, we should always remember to let our personality shine through. We can explore many ways of redecorating until we find a style that suits us best. Here are some tips to consider:

  • In order to enhance visual interest across the mantel, we can choose objects of varying shapes and sizes. Larger or taller objects can be placed in the back. They can be layered according to size for added energy. However, we must not forget to leave some breathing room in between objects.
  • Our own favorite hobbies make ideal themes to enhance the overall look of the fireplace. For example, for those of us that enjoy fishing, we can display souvenirs, trophies, rods, or miniature items that relate to fishing.
  • We can also look at how we can enhance the fireplace experience for ourselves and our families, such as using a remote control.

There are many online shops we can look at for accessories to help make our hearth more efficient and visually appealing. Before we set out shopping, it is important to have this information on hand:

  • Detailed measurements of the space – including the dimensions of our fireplace, floor area, and the rest of the room.
  • Measurements of any existing doors, closets, and/or windows.
  • Photos or swatches of the wood used in the room.
  • Photos of the overall room and fireplace area.

When we have this information ready, it will be easier to go shopping and give the fireplace a great new look!

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