Our Five Most Popular Pins … Ever!

Our Most Popular Pin
People just love this pin of a spa-style bathtub right next to a cozy, beautifully tiled fireplace! The colors are gorgeous and I think people love it so much because they immediately imagine themselves relaxing there!


Another Bathroom Fireplace
Our second most popular pin is this great (huge!) bathroom. As if that wonderful stone fireplace weren’t enough, they’ve also got a stand-alone tub & a giant shower! Plus they’ve got some large windows with a beautiful view. No wonder people love this one!


Gorgeous Stonework
Our third most popular pin is this beautiful stone fireplace. I love all the different levels, that beautiful cut-out area just above the first mantle (a great place for artwork or a mirror), and the fact that it’s a multi-story fireplace! What a great way to showcase your fireplace!


Fireplace Pizza Oven
People also love this pin – an artistic picture of a fireplace pizza oven! The concept of a fireplace/pizza oven is cool by itself, but I think this picture really shows off not just the functionality but the beauty of such a thing!


Last, But Not Least
Well, it looks like the idea of a fireplace in a bathroom (especially right next to the tub!) is really popular right now. And I can understand why! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing evening keeping cozy & warm by the fire while taking a nice bubble bath like this pin suggests?

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