Our Newest Pinterest Boards: August 6 – August 10

So we might have a small really big Pinterest addiction around here. Please try not to judge us. This week, Bonnie created 16 (yeah … that happened) new boards for you guys! And they’re all full of wonderful pictures & ideas. When she makes a board, she goes all out. So here they are, with examples from & links to each. Enjoy!

We really just can’t get enough of things to eat & drink around here (our favorite people are the ones who bring us food!), so we have created the board Food and Drinks on Fire. There are some really amazing pictures in there, but the current personal favorite is this one:

For those of you into vehicles, we’ve made three new boards for you: Hot Trucks, Hot Motorcycles, & Hot Cars. There are lots of great pics in each, but I like this one that isn’t over-the-top:

We know we have a bunch of fashionistas among us, so we thought you’d enjoy Flaming Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. We get a lot of giggles out of this board … there is some rather tasteless flame clothing out there! But I just sit and shake my head at this fire & smoke wedding dress. Really, people?

If you’re into personal beauty, we’ve got some great looks for you! We started boards for Hot Makeup, Flaming Hair, & Flaming Nails. There are so many cool looks to inspire in those boards, but I just love this intense eye shadow:

For those of you who love ink (once you have one tattoo, you need another, right?), we’ve got a board for Flame Tattoos. I love this fire dragon tattoo!

For those of you who have caught the travel bug or, like us, are always *dreaming* about your next getaway … the Travel board is for you! With stunning images like this one, you’ll want to hop on the next plane out of town!

We have to admit … Nature is the best artist we know! We’ve got a Fiery Flowers board filled with brightly-colored blooms & a Nature in its Glory board for pretty much everything else. I am in love with this picture:

And if our travel & nature boards are somehow not enough to convince you to start spending more time outdoors, how about the Stunning Animals board? There are some seriously amazing creatures out there – like this gorgeous flamingo:

For those who are more into trouble-making, we’ve also got a new Flame Throwers board as well as a Flaming Weapons board. While I don’t think these are exactly “Try this at home!” boards, you have to admit this is pretty cool:

And what would a Pinterest account be without a Crafts board? To that end, I present you with this idea for glow-in-the-dark bubbles:

What other boards should we add to our Pinterest account?
Tell us in the comments below!

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