Our Newest Pinterest Boards: July 30 – August 3

Man, this week we went totally crazy making new Pinterest boards for you guys! Bonnie put up eight new boards in the past five days! And they’re all jam-packed with great ideas.

After staring at our yummy food & drink boards from last week, we decided to make a second drinks board … but this time for alcoholic drinks! That way, those of you looking to make family-friendly drinks don’t have to try to sort through a myriad of adult drinks (and vice-versa). Our favorite right now is the recipe for Bourbon Chai. We haven’t tried it, but it sounds like it would sure warm you up!

We also put up a board full of Cute Sayings. These sayings often have nothing at all to do with fireplaces, but they have everything to do with making you laugh a little & feel good. And who doesn’t like to do that? Bonnie & I both loved this one:

Have you started seeing holiday displays up in the stores recently? We have, and while we are kind of amazed at how early “Christmas season” seems to be getting, we have to admit that shopping early often saves you money. To that end, we decided it’s better to be prepared … or at least planning … for the holidays! We made three new holiday boards that will inspire you.

Inspired by the Olympics currently taking place over in London, we started a board called Art and Fire. After watching the opening ceremonies, I was completely floored by this year’s cauldron. Realizing that Danny Boyle was using fire as an artistic medium made us wonder what other fiery artwork was out there!

Finally, we know how important it is to be comfy cozy by the fireplace, but we also know how important it is to look good! We’ve made two fashion boards:

What other boards should we add to our Pinterest account?
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