Outdoor Fall Decor

As the leaves begin to the change and a chill comes back into the air, you know that fall is just around the corner. Therefore, the outdoor space that you enjoyed all summer long now needs a fall feel. Thankfully, there are several easy-to-implement ideas for incorporating fall decor into your outdoor living area, and they are as follows:

Utilize pumpkins:
Pumpkins are one of the most recognized symbol of fall, and no other item says fall like a pumpkin. There are many ways to incorporate pumpkins into your outdoor spaces. The good news is an uncarved pumpkin will keep for quite a while, meaning if you buy it early in the fall season, it should remain fresh until winter sets in and you begin decorating for Christmas.

One idea for incorporating pumpkins into your outdoor living space is using large planters that you would typically use for plants and instead placing large pumpkins in them. The look this creates is almost like a pumpkin on a pedestal. Use this idea on either side of an outdoor fireplace or on either side of patio entrance or exit.


Incorporate outdoor fireplaces:
Speaking of fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces are the perfect fall addition to any outdoor space. Imagine your family huddled together on a crisp evening listening to the crackling of a fire while roasting marshmallows. Fireside chats, smores and enjoying the pleasant temperatures are all intricate parts of enjoying the fall. Therefore, if you don’t already have an outdoor fireplace or firepit, consider adding one for the fall season as incorporating a fireplace of some type will transform your outdoor summer oasis into a beautiful fall setting.

Another method for decorating your outdoor living space for fall is using fall themed decorations around the space. For example, if you have the aforementioned fireplace, creating a fall spread using synthetic leaves, small pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds on the mantle is an excellent idea.

Other elements to consider include adding a fall inspired centerpiece on side tables or patio tables. A great idea to use is a fall themed birdhouse including a fake bird. Birds are huge in decor right now, so combining them with the fall season is a great idea.

Add mums:
There is no flower or plant more synonymous with fall than mums. They provide fall colors and beautiful texture to your outdoor space and can be placed in planters or planted in the ground. Place hay bales around your outdoor living space and set a few mums around them and you have a makeshift seating area in a fall theme.


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