Rock On: Stone Accents For Your Home

With the wealth of man-made materials available for home renovations, it’s easy to overlook a classic component like stone. Accents made from rock or polished rock are durable, beautiful, and surprisingly versatile when paired with your artistic vision, and they can be used everywhere from counter-tops to fireplace hearths. Stone comes in a staggering amount of natural and dyed colors and attractive finishes, ensuring it can be easily-incorporated into existing decor themes without needing new carpeting or paint.

In the Living Room

While this room is usually associated with soft surfaces, stone is a wonderful addition that complements and elevates a space that typically sees a lot of use. Stone fireplaces have, of course, been used for hundreds of years but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still trendy. Whether you use rounded rocks and rough plaster for a rustic look or granite blocks for a smooth finish, you’ll be building a durable stone fireplace that provides comfort and warmth in the winter months. Stone can also be used along a french door or sliding glass door to form a small inside patio that will keep rain and dirt from damaging carpets.

In the Kitchen

Granite counter-tops are an obvious choice for stone placement in the kitchen, but they aren’t the only place that can be improved by this natural material. Inset blocks in man-made counters can act as trivets for hot pots when a large meal is being made -  provided the stone is of the correct density. Cooking enthusiasts have also taken to installing small removable slabs of Himalayan pink salt, which, thanks to its density, pure salt content, and microbial properties, makes an excellent cutting board for preparing vegetables and meats.

In the Bathroom

Stone is easy to clean, which means that shower walls or bathroom floors are a fantastic use for nature’s favorite building material. With the right grouting and a professional installation, stone walls and floors hold up against water and will avoid the breaking or cracking of plastic and ABS-based materials often used in bathrooms. In addition to performance benefits like these, stone vanities also look attractive and help add value to your home.

Whether you use it to build an impressive stone fireplace in the living room or decide to use it throughout your entire house, stone is a material that withstands the rigors of time and looks gorgeous while doing it.

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