Save Money, The Environment, and More with Wood Stoves

Wood stoves can provide a uniquely inviting warmth to your home. It is a different and somehow more pleasant-feeling heat that emits from a wood stove as opposed to other types of fuel. This is just one reason why many people prefer a wood burning stove to other heating options in the winter. Below are a few other advantages to wood stoves when considering an alternate heating source for your home:

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Wood stoves are eco-friendly, reliable, and provide a warm and inviting ambience to your home.

  • Atmosphere - Yes, wood stoves provide a unique warmth and actually emit heat for a period of time even after they have gone out. The other unique thing about wood stoves is the look they provide, unlike other fuel types. A genuine wood stove can also be highly decorative and bring a warm and inviting glow to any room, effectively making a very positive contribution to the atmosphere of your home.
  • Dependable - Because electricity needs to be physically produced and the need for rolling blackouts has occurred in some areas, it’s not as dependable as burning wood for your heat, which can be renewed simply by planting more trees across the countryside. Another drawback to fossil fuels is that they are not limitless. Contrary to what oil-addicted societies everywhere may believe, fossil fuels will run out someday, and wood will keep on burning.
  • Wood is Green - Figuratively, anyway. Wood is an eco-friendly, or green, fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, wood is termed carbon neutral. Wood does release carbon dioxide into the air, but it is effectively neutralized by the growing replacement trees that are planted.

After understanding the many benefits of wood stoves, the next step is to go and do some research as to which style and functionality you desire. Many different options in all price ranges exist.

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