Selecting a Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen can add elegance to your hearth while protecting the surrounding area from sparks and keeping your home safe. Fireplace screens have a protective effect while adding beauty to your decor. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from single panel to three panel, bowed, glass, and more. There’s a fireplace screen to fit any fireplace — here are some of your choices:

Single panel. A single panel screen gives your fireplace a smooth, clean look and is easy to use. Some offer rear adjustable legs to help push the screen completely flush against your fireplace opening, allowing for total coverage. Handles allow it to be picked up easily and set aside when loading in more firewood.

Folding fireplace screens. These screens give an attractive 3-D look while making loading wood very easy; simply fold open one side. They fold up easily for compact storage, and handles attached to the side panels make moving them a breeze.

Bowed screens. A bowed screen offers superior coverage and ease of use while adding a 3-D look to your fireplace. Handles enable you to pick it up easily and set it aside for loading firewood. Bowed screens do not have legs, so they might not be a good choice for uneven hearths.

Door screens.  Doors attached to the frame of these screens enable you to load wood through the screen without having to move it. They are ideal for people with back issues or who have trouble lifting.

Spark guard screens.  These screens are an easy and affordable way to protect your hearth and floor from flying sparks. Lifting handles are attached to the frame (not the screen) for support.

Summer screens. The main purpose of this type of screen is to cover and protect a fireplace that’s not being used in the off-season while adding a bit of style. It can also help to keep children, pets, and objects out of the fireplace.

Fan screens. Add beauty and color to your fireplace for decoration purposes – or while not in use during the off-season.

Custom screens. For extra-large, extra-small, or unusually-shaped fireplaces, you might need a custom screen created for you. A custom-designed screen will be made to your specifications and will fit your fireplace perfectly.

If you’re looking to add safety, security, and style to your hearth area, a fireplace screen can do just that. They’re one of the top fireplace accessories for wood burning fireplaces, and we offer an excellent selection for you to choose from.

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