The 7 Most Popular Fireplaces on Pinterest

People on Pinterest just LOVE these fireplaces … with good reason! They’re grand and overdone – and every dreamer’s dream! Check them out below:

1. This gorgeous outdoor fireplace received 2546 repins & 391 likes. I love the view! And of course, I love that it’s covered so it can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is.

With 2299 repins & 340 likes, it’s safe to say this fireplace made a little splash in the Pinterest community! With that beautiful view of the water, it’s no wonder! What a gorgeous contrast between the wall of water & the wall of fire. Fire & water have never looked better together!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but 1928 repins & 294 likes say a lot, too! This fireplace was originally featured on Rate My Space, then picked up in an HGTV slideshow about Beach-Inspired Decorating ideas. You can see the whole slideshow here because there are plenty more pics worth pinning there!

Garnering 1511 repins & 164 likes, this fireplace also received the comment “I’d never want to come inside!” With the extreme heat we’ve been having lately, a fire might not be your cup of tea right now. That’s okay, you could always use one of our ideas about What To Do With Your Fireplace This Summer to make it more seasonally appropriate.

This fireplace (with yet another fantastic view!) has been repinned 1402 times & has received 55 comments. It’s from the Cedarview Residence at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, MT. See more of the Cedarview Residence here. The entire thing is breath-taking!


6. I love the openness of this space. And of course I love that fireplace! I really enjoy not feeling like the fireplace is crowded out by a million accessories … because it makes it easier for me to imagine *my* things in there! The 1357 repins & 248 likes that this fireplace received make me think I’m not the only one feeling that way.

This looks like a dream to me! I just love all the seating everywhere (I love to read so those all look like perfect places to curl up with a book my kindle) & I adore the white pergolas, too. Which are, of course, perfectly accented by all the white flowers. Seriously, this whole thing could be transported to my backyard & I would be out there for days! This is probably my favorite of the bunch and 923 repins & 166 likes agree with me.

What are your favorite fireplace pictures?
Do you have one that we didn’t

Tell us in the comments!

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