The Perfect Holiday Fireplace

How many of your holiday memories include a perfectly-decorated fireplace mantel? If you are one of those people who associate good family fun with a roaring fire, then you might spend all year long thinking about how to decorate yours. There is nothing in the rulebook that says making your fireplace a focal point in the room has to break the bank. Consider some DIY ways you can make your mantel pop throughout the holiday season.

Get the Green Going

Greenery allows you to adjust your fireplace theme for each of the winter holidays. Start your decorating at the beginning of fall and then make a few changes to keep it seasonal. You can even leave the green up after the New Year to keep a winter theme going.

The best approach for laying out mantel greenery, especially if want to decorate for an extended period, is to create a core with artificial evergreen pieces. You can upcycle branches of an old Christmas tree or pick up green garland on sale at your local store.

The key to making artificial greenery look and smell like the holidays is to add fresh greens to them. Use the fake stuff to create a foundation, laying pieces out in whatever pattern works best for the room, and then top them off with fresh, sweet smelling branches. Add some white lights, pine cones, shimmering tinsel, and seasonal candles to match each of the holidays. Earth tone bows and candles for Thanksgiving; stockings, cards and ornaments for Christmas; then switch to party hats for the New Year’s celebration.

Christmas Stockings

Adding a Festive Message

It takes one piece to make a fireplace mantel pop. Consider using cheap Christmas ornaments to convey a holiday message that stands out. The concept is so simple that you’ll be surprised it didn’t occur to you before. Here’s what you need:

  • Christmas balls – any style or color will do
  • Strong ribbon one and one half times the length of the mantel
  • Letter stickers

That’s it. String the balls across the ribbon then hang it on the front of the mantel. Use the letter stickers to create a message such as:

  • Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas
  • Feliz Navidad
  • Don’t Go Sledding without Me

Make one for each event starting with Halloween and going right through to the New Year.

You don’t have to wait for the holiday season to make your mantel sparkle. A fireplace enhances any room, so make it a showplace for your distinctive decorator style all year long.

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