The Romance of a Fire: Wood Burning Fireplaces


The romance of the fire.

Warm memories are stirred 

by the smell of the fireplace

coming alive

with wood burning.

I find myself sitting by the fire

and gazing at the flames

of dreams come true

and yet to be. (Linda L Johnson)

romantic wood burning fireplace

Enjoy the romance of cuddling next to a wood burning fireplace with your loved one this Valentines Day.

The romance of a fire – after reading Linda’s poem, can’t you see yourself and others enjoying watching a fire start as a small flame, then become a warm fire? Can’t you just smell the smell of oak or cedar wood? Can’t you just feel the tension melt away as you stare at the flames?

The romance of a fire – the romantic holiday called Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Do you have that wood burning fireplace where you and someone else can sit and gaze at the flames?

It’s not too late! You can have that fireplace installed. The cost varies depending on what materials you choose and the type of house you have. If you have a tall house, the chimney will need to be taller and that will add to the cost.

You want a reputable company to install your fireplace. Ask them about their warranty – you want to be sure they will do a good job & will cover you if anything goes wrong down the line.

Look around your house and decide if you want that romance of a fire. Then contact a reputable company today.

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