Three Top Flooring Matches for Your Fireplace

Finding and installing flooring options to go along with your home’s fireplace is not all that difficult, but may require more consideration than you originally thought. Whether you prefer to surround your fireplace with wood, tile, carpet, or another material, there are things you should consider before installing each type of flooring.


Surrounding your fireplace with hardwood flooring can give the room both a modern and natural look. The only major deterrent, though, is the fact that wood can be damaged fairly easily. While it is fairly unlikely that your wood floors will catch fire lying in close proximity to your fireplace, the flooring has a much higher probability of getting blemishes. In other words, if you place wood flooring next to your fireplace, you might find that sparks and other debris leave burn marks or dings in the wood. Depending on your attitude, over time this might add character to the flooring. Conversely, if you want to keep your floors looking pristine, wood might not be the best material to use as flooring around your fireplace.


Tile is the material with the least susceptibility to damage when put next to a fireplace. Additionally, different kinds of tile, like Spanish and stone, can add depth to your fireplace while transforming an ordinary room into a hallmark of your home. What’s more, there are many different types of tile to choose from, and any of them can prove an integral part of your home’s style and decor. Tile is also one of the most durable materials to use for your flooring, which means it will likely hold up better and longer than wood and carpet.


Carpet is similar to wood flooring in that it can look great surrounding a fireplace, but has the potential to be damaged, or at the very least, get dirty from making fires. From shag to Berber, carpet is probably the most antagonistic material to surround your fireplace with simply because it is the most flammable, and can very easily swallow pieces of soot, dirt, and wood that fires leave behind. With that said, if you frame your fireplace with a large enough barrier of brick, or another less sensitive material, carpet suddenly becomes a much more appealing option for your flooring.

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