Types of Fireplaces and Their Advantages

As a homeowner, adding a fireplace is a great way to increase your home’s overall value and your own satisfaction. Although in years past the only fireplace option was wood burning featuring a chimney, today, there are many styles of fireplaces to choose from. To help you decide what type best fits your lifestyle, read below for a breakdown of three popular fireplace styles:

Electric fireplaces:

One option when it comes to modern fireplaces is an electric variety. These fireplaces can be placed virtually anywhere in the house and do not require a remodel to install. You can acquire electric models that are small or large. The freedom of choice in regards to style and placement in the home makes the electric option quite popular. After all, an electric fireplace requires only an outlet to operate, nothing more. Because you are not actually burning wood, the electric option is much cleaner and does not require the upkeep of a traditional fireplace. Furthermore, if you do not want the heat of a fireplace but would like the scene of a fire, you can turn the heat off on your electric unit and keep the lights on, enabling you to enjoy the look of a fire without the heat.

Wood burning fireplaces:

Another popular option in regards to fireplaces is of course the wood burning variety. A wood burning fireplace has features that include more than just functionality. For example, the crackling of the wood as it burns and the rich smell that permeates the house when a fire is burning creates a sense of peace and general well-being. During the winter when there is a chill in the air, there is nothing better than gathering together as a family around a wood burning fireplace. There are options for wood burning fireplaces other than the traditional in the wall with a chimney variety. One example of this is the peninsula or multi-sided option where the fireplace juts out into the room so it can be seen on various sides.

Contemporary fireplaces:

Although many people consider the traditional look of a fireplace desirable, not everyone holds this opinion. For example, if you have a modern home that has sleek lines and contemporary design, you might not desire the traditional wood and rock fireplace look. Thankfully, there are contemporary options in regards to fireplaces that will fit well in even the most modern of homes. Fireplaces featuring balls, glass or stones instead of wood is an option. Insert fireplaces with minimal exterior dressing create a clean looking insert that fits well in a contemporary living area.

The three fireplace options listed above are popular options for today’s homeowners. Choosing any of them for your home is a wise idea.

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