Using Your Fireplace Year-Round

A fireplace is a tremendous asset to any home. It provides a centralized hub where the family can be together, an additional source of heat, and is a stylish accent to any area. In some cases, a fireplace can be used as a selling feature to attract potential buyers. The best part is, your fireplace can be used year-round just by using a few interesting décor techniques.

Year round fireplace

In winter

Using your fireplace during cold winter months doesn’t take a lot of imagination, right? But with the right fireplace accessories, you can make it easier to have a roaring fire in minutes. Store fire starter bricks and kindling in handsome baskets or metal buckets that can be left on display. Keep your fireplace tools polished and hung after each use so they are handy for the next time. Mitten trees add a whimsical but practical feature.

In spring

Bring the spring indoors by decorating the inside of your clean fireplace with beautiful staggered vases or pots of silk flowers or flowering plants in brilliant colors. This brings attention to your hearth and requires little to no upkeep.

In summer

Consider adding a fireplace to your outdoor living environment. Outdoor fireplaces can be used year round to emotionally warm up a space. Choose a decorative fireback and attractive andirons and you have a place where people will congregate outdoors even on the hottest days.

In fall

Whether you have a gas, gel, wood, or electric fireplace, you can get plenty of use out of it in fall time. No one says you have to have a giant roaring fire every time you decide to have a fire. The flames of a fire symbolize life, movement, and purity. You can keep a low fire burning in your fireplace to take the dampness out of the air and to add life to an otherwise static room.

However you use your fireplace, don’t neglect to decorate your mantle, changing out the décor from season to season. Items such as family photos, a set of miniature antique books, candles, boughs, and other trinkets add personality to both your fireplace and home.

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