Vent Free Stoves Provide Valuable Heating Option

People have been able to enjoy the many benefits of vent free stoves since the early 1980s. These stoves don’t require the use of a chimney or flue; they work by using propane, natural gas, or electricity. They are much easier and cheaper to install than a traditional wood burning stove that uses a chimney or flue.

According to an article in Designing Home Lifestyles Magazine, “The typical home furnace uses an electronic igniter, which ceases to work during a power failure. No power equals no heat….vent-free auxiliary heat will keep pipes from freezing, not to mention your kids and the elderly.”


A vent free stove is fueled by gas or electricity and can be placed in any area of a home where a line can be installed. Often, this is against a wall or in front of an existing masonry fireplace that is closed. These types of stoves will require professional installation. Newer models have automatic ignitions which do away with the need for an electrical spark to be created to ignite the pilot light.


Vent free stoves are safe. They are regulated by federal agencies. Various groups within the industry have developed standards to ensure their safe operation. This makes them a very effective heating choice.


Vent free stoves are relatively simple to install. Each one does require a minimum of a thorough cleaning once a year. The exposed components need to be cleaned completely and their oxygen and carbon monoxide monitors need to be adjusted each year so they maintain the highest level of performance.


It’s important to get a vent free stove that matches the room where it will be located. A big, open room might require a unit that has a higher output of heat. It should be able to produce 25,000 BTUs or more. Smaller areas within a home, such as a bedroom or a small room, will require less heat. Some might be adequate with just 5,000 BTUs.  It’s important to realize the heat produced by these units can be controlled.

If you would like to know more about the benefits associated with having vent free stoves, we can help.  Contact us today to learn more.

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