Ways To Give Your Fireplace Mantel A New Look

Because the fireplace is such a stately focal point for any room, decorating it should not be limited simply to the holiday season. Instead, by rotating the decor year-round with themes reflecting your personal style or the change in seasons, you can turn your fireplace into a beautiful focal point all year long.

The Beach Theme

Photo Credit: dining delight on flickr.comPhoto Courtesy: dining delight

This beach themed mantle will take you seaside in 15 seconds flat, and who doesn’t secretly long to run their toes through the sand? Here, the oversized seashell accents on each corner draw you in, while lanterns featuring oversized starfish are neatly placed on each side, balancing out the look. If you zoom in closely, you will notice that the candleholders are filled with sand at the bottom and that tiny votives have been inserted in the center. Pulling the entire look together are the palm tree leaves displayed prominently in the bamboo vase, located at the center of the mantle. Another oversized vase filled with palm leaves is featured to the side of the fireplace, which is a great way to fully integrate the theme throughout that space.

Thanksgiving Themed Mantel

Reminding everyone of the many things to be thankful for is a wonderful way to set the atmosphere and to prepare the whole family for the season. As fall arrives, your local grocer or Farmer’s Market will have pumpkins and gourds of varying sizes. These are great, inexpensive options for creating an attractive display around your mantel. Of course, if you are crafty, this is also a great opportunity to get your children involved, making the decorations all the more meaningful.

Halloween Theme

Create a bit of Halloween fun before heading out into the neighborhood to gather up all your treats! This display features ghosts and goblins attached to a single string of holiday lights. Skulls, a picture of an earlier holiday costume and other decorations are spruced throughout the mantle, giving it a nice balance of color and height. Fun, fun, fun.

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