What Is A B-Vent Fireplace?

A b-vent fireplace uses a vent configuration that takes in air for combustion from the home and vents combusted products outside the home. B-vent fireplaces are also known as natural vent fireplaces.

B-vent fireplaces are designed primarily for decorative use. They often produce a larger and more realistic yellow flame.

B-vent fireplaces use room air for combustion and vent fumes through a vent or chimney that must terminate vertically above the roof line.

The key to determining whether a b-vent fireplace will meet your needs is to check the manufacturer’s listed efficiency rating. Efficient, heater-rated b-vent fireplaces do exist, though there are also many lower quality “builder-grade” fireplaces that have no efficiency rating and do not supply substantial heat.

If you live in a warmer climate and want the aesthetics of a fire without much heat, this might be the appliance for you. Bedrooms and smaller rooms might also be good candidates, but please check building codes to see if this class of fireplace is approved in your locality or for installation in the room where you’d like to use it. Local/national codes in some areas prohibit the use of b-vent rated appliances, especially in colder climates.

Be aware that very air tight houses (most newer homes) can cause performance problems with b-vent rated fireplaces and other appliances, so please consult an experienced fireplace installer (877-669-4669) who can advise you on the proper installation and use you are considering.

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